Purescript. Working locally

Hi, all. For now I have not found any guidance for doing Purescript track locally. Before, I installed purescript@0.14 and spago globally and switch them back and forth when I wanted to check out spago@next or latest purescript.

So, I created Purescript setup repo JohnGurin/exercism-purescript-setup (github.com) for Exercism exercises. I will be glad to hear your opinion.

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Just to be clear: you did find Installing PureScript locally | Exercism's Docs ?

I did not find anything concerning my goal there. The thing is I don’t want to use global packages because I cannot use the latest purescript globally because exercises “require” version 0.14

I’m using nix with the following command:

nix develop github:justinwoo/easy-purescript-nix#deluxe

to spawn a dev environment in the folder where I run my command.

I just have to run spago upgrade-set to make it compatible with Purescript 0.15.10 but so far no issue.