Pytest shows PytestUnknownMarkWarning

First post. I downloaded exercise but after pytest, I get warnings: PytestUnknownMarkWarning: Unknown pytest.mark.task

To help us troubleshoot, which Python exercise is giving you this warning?

You use the CLI to download the exercise, right?
Is there a file It explains why you should execute the tests with pytest -o markers=task and what this PytestUnknownMarkWarning is about.
If there’s no such file you can find it online at GitHub.

this was ghost gobble arcade game

I use the CLI to download. I have read the running tests part of
I saw this line py -m pytest -o markers=task {}
I am using VS Code and I have not seen a function like run all tests as VS offers for C#.
So I am using the terminal. Changing the command for every exercise is not the easiest way.
I added a pytest.ini file to the Exercism/python/ directory and added [pytest] markers = task
This solved my problem. Now I can use only pytest in the terminal and don’t get warnings.