Python allowed packages

Tracks like Rust and Haskell have restrictions on what packages are allowed in the exercises. Is there a similar restriction in Python? I’m looking to use a parser combinator for the exercise sgf-parsing, and would like to know before I go down this path.

On the same topic, it’d be real nice if the track homepage listed these things.

I believe you can only use the Python Standard Library. Most tracks don’t include arbitrary external libraries in the Docker image for the test runner.

You could always write a one line import solution and run the tests. It will either fail to import the library or give you a different error. If there is an import error, you can’t import that module. If there is no import error, you’re free to use it.

Currently, we only allow the Python Standard Library, no third party libraries are installed in the test runner currently, nor are there any allowed to be imported (the docker containers do not have internet connectivity).

The track doesn’t list this because most tracks disallow third-party libraries. The exceptions are languages such as Rust and Haskell (and a few others) where the standard libraries are intentionally very small or there are canonical third-party libraries in wide use by the community.