Python - Apparent Bug in Binary Search Exercise, Test File Failing to Import Module

Hey there, when I try to run my code in the online editor for the Binary Search exercise, I get this error message:

 ImportError while importing test module ''.
Hint: make sure your test modules.packages have valid Python names.
Traceback: in import_module
    return _bootstrap._gcd_import(name[level:], package, level) in <module>
    from binary_search import (
E   ImportError: cannot import name 'find' from 'binary_search' (
```  Just thought I'd share.

Based on the error code, I would hazard a guess that you changed the given function named find to something else.

Would you mind posting your solution here?

Hi @benanablackwell :wave: Welcome to the Exercisim forums!

Did you name your function find? Because the tests expect a function named find, which is why the interpreter is tossing the error.

Sorry @glaxxie – we answered at the same time. Jinx! :laughing:

ah yeah that was the issue, thanks!