Python blog post 12/13

Much stuff has been worked on for the python in the last few weeks.
I would therefore like to share that with the community.

I would like to start off with that we have done major changes to the linked list exercise. Among adding new tests so have also integrated error handling into the exercise. The changes are so major that every current solution will break.

New concept exercises:

For 2 weeks ago we added the exercise Locomotie engineer, this exercise focus on Unpacking And Multiple Assignment. With this exercise did also a new concept come. This is part of the work to strengthen the python syllabus to cover larger parts of it.

Currently, this concept is unlocked after the dictionary concept(this is subject to change).

New practice exercises:

Resistor Color Trio, this exercise is a sequel to resistor color dou and adds the multiplier part of a resistor band.

Bottle Song, this exercise is much like the bear song but has some minor differences. Like having to translate numbers(1,2,3) to numbers in form of words(one, two, three).

Proverb, this exercise has been brought back from being deprecated and has been updated to be a practice exercise for Unpacking And Multiple Assignment.

Killer Sudoku Helper, is a fun new exercise that was recently added to exercism. It focuses on finding a number of combinations. There has to be some thinking behind the solution so if you are up for a challenge is this exercise for you.

Pascals Triangle, is a fun new exercise focusing on recursion. The exercise is challenging but fun. A big thanks to Paul for fixing and making this exercise possible.

Square Root, the goal is to find the square root of positive integers, without using Math.sqrt(<number>) or <number> ** 0.5.

Deprecated exercise:

Beer Song has been deprecated and replaced by bottle song. The reason is that it has been deprecated in the problem specifications.

Exercises with updated tests:

We have updated some exercises with new tests, which means that some solutions may brake. You can get the updated tests and rerun the tests to see if your solution passes the new tests.

List of exercises with new tests:

  • Pocker
  • Sgf-parsing
  • Dominoes
  • Complex numbers
  • Rectangles
  • Matching brackets
  • Crypto square
  • Word count
  • Luhn
  • Series
  • Say
  • Roman numerals
  • Linked-list


The icon for tisbury-treasure-hunt has been updated.

A couple of fixes have been merged into the locomotive engineer exercise.

Added jinja template to react and linked-list. Jinja is a system that creates a test file from JSON files. Note: The tests for the react exercise should be unchanged.

Final Note:

A big thanks to @BethanyG for making this all possible.

There are a lot of plans for the python tracks and a lot of stuff is in active development but will be announced at a later time.