Python exercises, make match more closely

In the Python go-counting exercise, the file has a skeleton program with two things wrong – according to the test, First, the test imports three constants: BLACK, WHITE, and NONE which are not found in the skeleton. And second, the comments for the functions territory and territories say that they should return “W”, “B”, or “”, when the tests require one of the three constants mentioned.

I’d like to create a PR to fix these problems. What does everyone think?

I’d like to leave it as-is for now while I do some thinking about it.

We typically have minimal stubs for Python practice exercises, and I am surprised that this one is as elaborate as it is, especially since this exercise is flagged as [Medium], and that would imply both more difficulty/complexity and more expectation to read the tests to figure out all the details. If anything, we should be removing all the docstrings and only leaving the class and method stubs with pass in them.

I’ll take a closer look over the weekend and think through what we might do here.

Sounds good. Thanks for considering it.