Python: little sister's vocab exercise test does not cover edge cases

Hi there :wave: I’m following the python track so I don’t know if this is the same on other tracks as well. But I’ve seen some solutions that simply remove trailing ‘periods’ from the words and pass the tests. I think we should cover other cases with punctuation as well.

I’ve created this PR which addresses this enhancement.

Commit message

Add punctuations other than period. For example, words that end with exclamation mark, or have a trailing comma should be cleaned before verbifying as well.

To this end, I’ve added one word to the last test (i.e. cooking) that follows the logic stated in [1], also, replaced an ending period with exclamation mark.

[1] https:/

Hi @pedramardakani :wave:

Python maintainer here. Thank you for your PR and for posting here.

While I appreciate that adding different punctuation and extra adjectives does provide a nice challenge in extracting the words for processing, I am also concerned that it introduces complications in an otherwise straightforward exercise that focuses mostly on indexing, splitting, and joining strings.

In order for a student to pass the new tests, they would not only have to check for several different “final” characters on their words (most likely using the in operator or a string method - neither of which have been introduced at this point in the track), they’d also have to understand that the final sentence has not one, but two adjectives. While they would still extract black, for processing, the added cooking adds confusion - especially for those who come to English from another language.

For these two reasons, I think we should keep the exercise as-is.

Hey there @BethanyG :raised_hands:

Thanks for your swift response :zap:

I can see that you have completely understood what I was trying to add :+1: And I do agree with your view on the exercise staying simple and straightforward since the prerequisites were not mentioned yet :thinking:

It is not easy to create tutorials, I appreciate your input and insight on this :bulb: