Queen Attack Description appears to be wrong

The Queen Attack Description says
white queen is at c5 (zero-indexed at column 2, row 3) and the black queen at f2 (zero-indexed at column 5, row 6)
But c5 is column 2 row 6, not column 2 row 3. And f2 is column 5 row 3, not column 5 row 6.
It looks like the 5 in c5 and the 2 in f2 got switched up mistakenly.

Off by one ;)

A1 => (0, 0)
C1 => (2, 0)
C5 => (2, 4)
F1 => (5, 0)
F2 => (5, 1)

I believe a PR for this would be welcome.

If we go by the diagram at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chessboard, where a8 would be described as (0,0) and h1 as (7, 7) then all is well.

Oooh. My bad.

@habere-et-dispertire Is it worth updating the image to include row/column values from A1 through H8?

… nvm. They are already there. It’s just lower contrast.

Alright, but nowhere in the Queen Attack description does it say that the index for row in chess notation is indexed differently than is shown in the image. I think it’s at best confusing.

Hmm is the canonical chess rank-and-file notation used anywhere else in the exercise? Particularly the tests?

…goes and checks… https://github.com/exercism/problem-specifications/tree/main/exercises/queen-attack

No. Perhaps that section could be rewritten to just refer to zero-based numerical row, column

I think that would make it a lot clearer and easier to understand.

Sounds like a good idea.