Question about claim_free_popcorn! function name in "Moviegoer" exercism

Hello! Why does the name of the claim_free_popcorn! method end with !?

I was reading through the ruby style guide and it sounds like methods ending with ! are dangerous in some way (often modifying data or arguments in some way). From what I can see, there is nothing in the claim_free_popcorn! method that would classify it as a dangerous method.

Thanks for any input on the subject.

The method when implemented raises an exception if the input doesn’t pass the validation. I personally would consider that a dangerous method because any callers need to handle that possibility at some level. A safer version of this method might return a boolean representing the popcorn being given. That wouldn’t impact code execution in the same way.

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@BNAndras is correct, it is dangerous in that it may “crash” the program the user is writing, using this library, and so the ! is appropriate here.

Thanks for bringing this up by the way. It’s something I hadn’t noticed myself when I did the exercise recently.

(Sorry for the late reply)

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the input @BNAndras and @kotp .

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