Question about designing Grep and local environment

I’m doing the Grep exercise for Powershell at the moment. The exercise deal with opening and processing 3 text files iliad.txt, midsummer-night.txt and paradise-lost.txt. I’ve looked around and some tracks basically put the text in the test file and some actually have the an extra data folder with those 3 files (javascript). Considering the general purpose of powershell, I want to go with the second choice and have the actual files for learner to interact with.

So my question is regarding the cli download tool for local development, would it download the folder with the files as well without any extra tweak, or this is all depend on the track and the exercise? (I tried download the javascript one and it did download that extra data folder with the 3 files)

I also thought about add in the code to generate the files in local environment if they are not exist, but I don’t think it is a good idea to go for that route without user’s permission.

If you have designed this for other tracks, or just know how the cli download would work, please let me know what you think. Thank you.

p.s @iHiD I tried to ask this on discord in the maintainer channel but the integration seem to be bugged and I don’t have the role for it. Can you please take a look at it, thanks.

@ErikSchierboom One for you please. I imagine @glaxxie needs adding in the db?

That is correct. Just did that. The Discord permissions should now be updated.

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