Question about the lines-of-code-counter

Am I correct in assuming that the lines-of-code-counter only looks at the user’s submitted files? I’m thinking about how to get Pharo code counted. Pharo submissions include a TestResults.txt file that should be excluded from the count.

I think this is what I need to do:

  1. Add pharo-smalltalk to the exercism/tokei repo
  2. Add a tracks/pharo-smalltalk.ignore file to exercism/lines-of-code-counter

But I don’t need to add anything but the .txt file to the ignore file, right?

cc: @ErikSchierboom

I don’t see that the ‘lines of code’ option as very useful. It is not counting lines of ‘code’, but the number of lines in the submitted file. So a very tightly coded submission from someone with a style of long explanations and code formatted with generous spacing won’t even be noticed…I don’t think the option is really meant to highlight the style of the coder.
And while I’m complaining, I miss the count of total submissions: how do you evaluate the frequency of submission option without it? A frequency of 12 out 20 submissions is not the same as 12 out of 2000.

This isn’t correct. It counts the lines of actual code.

Sorry, then. It seemed to find really short, bare pages–one was even simply a link to where I presume code was stored

That is totally correct

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Excellent. There is a PR for exercism/tokei that needs to be merged in order to test the changes in exercism/lines-of-code-counter.

Okay, the tokei PR is merged and a new version of the lines-of-code-counter is deployed: Deploy to AWS · exercism/lines-of-code-counter@14dd9cb · GitHub

And the lines-of-code-counter PR:

I’ve re-scheduled the existing iterations to be counted again.