Question about the order of exercises in a concept and what order to work them

I’m currently going through the Java track and occasionally I unlock a new exercise and I can’t figure it out. When this happens I just go find a new Concept I haven’t looked at and figure maybe I need to learn that before I can figure out a “harder” exercise in a different concept.

It has me wondering what the best order is to work through exercises. I assume it’s doing the Learning Exercise in each Concept when there is something new, but then what?

I’m beginning to think that, sadly, the exercises are just listed in alphabetical ascending order. The screenshot to the left shows that in Booleans Grep is second (but a medium hard exercise) and Leap is third (but easy). The good thing is that Leap is unlocked and not Grep, but it really has me wondering what order I should work through the exercises so I minimize my frustrations when I hit one I cannot complete.

You can see I have a handful of exercises I’ve started. I can’t un-start them so I leave them and look for something easier. I was kind of hoping the Overview tab was a 1 - n list of exercises I should work in order but that isn’t the case either.

Each track orders exercises differently but, as a general rule, the order is pretty generic and not a recommendation for what order they should be tackled in. Some tracks order by difficulty, others by names, some by what order they were added to the track and others are pretty random.