Questions about Windowing System exercise

The instructions for Task 3 tell us to create the Size class, but then the tests complain about the lack of a Position class.

This ( should be in Task 4.

Also, the order of the args for the Size and Position constructors are not specified anywhere. I was surprised to see Position wanted ($y, $x) not ($x, $y). Similar for Size.

I can’t confirm that the parameter positioning is not specified. Instructions of task 3&4 include code snippets, that give a clear view of what is expected where:

$size = new Size(764, 1080);
// => 764
// => 1080

I do see that x and y / width and height are used in different order in instruction text vs. constructor parameters. But this is something I would keep. I think, reading what is actually in the instructions instead of doing what one thinks should be done is a useful skill. Anyways, if I’m the only one wanting to keep it as is, I would swap the order in the instructions as swapping the constructor parameters would invalidate previous solutions.

Associate task 4 to the Position class test: