[Raindrops approaches] Small suggestion

Hey! Small suggestion via this PR: dict-and-join simplify for raindrops approaches by Nerwosolek · Pull Request #3620 · exercism/python · GitHub
If I’m mistaken don’t hesitate to close immadietely :slight_smile:

Hey there!

Thanks for this. :smile: While the original code works, you are right – I didn’t intend to do a lookup there. I meant that code/approach to be distinct from the one in the summary of introduction.md. But I also intended the loop in that approach to be a direct equivalent. Looks like my copypasta tripped me up twice!

I’ll comment more in the PR.

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Is it possible somehow to see the .md document after changes in github but in some kinda preview?
It’s cumbersome to me to parse it with eyes, maybe I’m tired now.
But as long as I perceive it well, it’s good to see that you came up with even more possible solutions and made it even more consistent!

Oh, and I need to udnerline that the whole approach document for this exercise taught me a lot of Python!
Thanks for that!
That’s why I posted a PR, I was caught by the reading and very drawn-in reader.
I still need to dig deeper into compress<->zip way.

Yeah – Github’s code review can sometimes be a drag with these long markdown documents. :smile:

For me, the easiest way to view changes like they’d look in a word processor is to use the “doc view” icon while looking at the [files changed] tab in the PR:

The icon here will show a markdown preview per file:


And you can also view the file as text by selecting “view file” from this menu:

That’s awesome to hear! A lot of work goes into writing approaches for exercises on tracks, so it’s great to know that they are interesting and helpful to students. :smile:

That’s the solution! Thanks!

PR Merged! :smile: