Reacting to iterations

How do mentors feel about an emoji-like option to react to new iterations?

I feel it would encourage participation!

Usually I respond to iterations with comments and a discussion about the changes. Sometimes I add emojis in my responses. Would the reaction be instead of a written response? In addition to a written response?

In addition ! Maybe down the timeline thing in the middle of the page ? That’s where I reached for it (suggestibility).

I like this :+1:

I often end a session with “How do you feel about your progress through the iterations?”, to get the student to reflect a bit on what they learned. When they respond I often don’t need to add a comment, but a reaction would be nice to let them know that I have acknowledged their comment.

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I’m not sure I understand the idea.

Currently the student submits an iteration, asks for a review, I comment (point out issues, make suggestions, reply to their questions), they submit another iteration, I comment again, etc. until they are satisfied with their solution.

How would that work with emojis? Would I post them instead of a comment? Or are they a grade in disguise (:fireworks: being A+, :+1: being a solid A, :chart_with_upwards_trend: being an improvement)?

Do you mind explaining how you (as a mentor) would use them or how it would encourage participation?

Personally, I would think it would work like reactions here or on discord, where I can react to your post. It would not replace full posts – unless my entire post can be equally expressed with a single emoji.

No – I’d just like it in addition. When a student has made a concerted effort, it just facilitates dialogue about progress. It would be just like a gold star sticker you may have received on schoolwork.


It can provide a soupçon of emotional encouragement beyond words as it can be difficult for a student to sense their progress but naturally the main means for discussion remains in the comments.

I’m imagining that the Discussion Timeline gets an option/icon to react to a new iteration like we have on GitHub or these posts themselves.

(Aside: maybe the timeline thingy on the forum could be added too.)