Real hardware for MIPS Assembly learning

Any tips on getting new and real hardware with MIPS processor opened for MIPS Assembly learning and running?
I would not like to jailbreak my PSP yet ;)

Hi @Nerwosolek,

Found this online: MIPS_Creator_CI20

It is a discontinued product, as is its successor, the: Creator Ci40.

Perhaps try your luck on marketplace platforms such as eBay ?

All the best.

Hi @ajborla!
Thank for the answer!
In the meantime I did some research and founf that Microchip is doing some PIC microcontrollers with MIPS32 ISA like PIC32MK. And there are some evaluation boards.
Maybe that’s the solution as well.
Although the most awaited language on Exercism for me would be some ARM assembly like for the Raspberry Pi which is very popular.

Happy to be of help.

Worth making (the probably very obvious) point that you don’t need to use hardware to learn MIPS (or any other) assembly language. Software emulators (like MARS) provide a very convenient environment for achieving this goal.

However, if you enjoy tinkering with hardware, use of a development board can certainly add a touch of realism. I am sure you are aware that this approach introduces a host of issues that may well distract from achieving the original goal.

As for an Exercism ARM assembly track, there is one currently in development: ARM32 Assembly.

Nothing stopping you from contributing to its development if you are so inclined.

All the best.

I’m an ARM newbie. And generally assembly newbie although I did program small programs in 6502 for Atari, even quite recently. But as I can see in other topics, developing a track is itself a learning opportunity of that language :slight_smile:
I see ARM32 track is barely started.

It sounds like you have accomplished more than many programmers, and it is clear you are keen to learn much more.

I wish you the very best on your learning journey !

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