Red on OS X 64-bit

Has anyone had any luck with getting the Red binary for OS X 64-bit boxes?

I’m on an M1 and I get

$ red
zsh: bad CPU type in executable: red

What do you get when you run this command?

$ file "$(type -p red)"

I just saw from repository that Red is only 32-bit for now. — reference

Seems like it’s a 32-bit file

$ file red-30apr23-5e25fa6eb
red-30apr23-5e25fa6eb: Mach-O executable i386

This is what I got from the site, btw.

Yup. That’s what you get for installing a 32 bit executable on a 64 bit system :smiley:

The page has a section with,

(*) For Linux 64-bit distros, you need to install 32-bit supporting libraries.

Those following instructions are likely relevant to you.

So, update here.

Red currently has no 64-bit OS X binary— I’m with this user on this one.

That known, I tried to install Red from source. Rebol has an experimental an experimental binary for 64-bit OS X. Sadly, this doesn’t compile Red right off the bat, because of some issues with the virtual filesystem

>> do/args %red.r "%tests/"
Script: "Red command-line front-end" Version: none Date: none
Script: "Encap virtual filesystem" Version: none Date: 21-Sep-2009
** Script error: cannot access components in path system/components
** Where: make context catch either either -apply- do unless catch either either -apply- do
** Near: make object! blk

I guess for us OS X people, we just have to wait

from Installing Red locally | Exercism's Docs

  1. If you are using macOS, you cannot run 32-bit applicatons, and therefore, Red.

It might be a good time to figure out how to run a Linux VM on your Mac. I use Parallels, but my work pays for it.

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Thanks for the suggestion, @glennj.

I’d rather wait until the language has 64-bit support ready. It’s not a pressing need anyways. It’s a mental exercise on Exercism.