Refactor Nucleotide Count Exercise in JavaScript

In the nucleotide count exercise, the test file imports NucleotideCounts, while in the problem file nucleotide-count.js you are exporting the function count Nucleotides. At least one of them needs to be renamed.

The naming is unfortunate, but also maybe not that big of a deal compared to the cost of a rename (a decision the track maintainers will have to think about).

See Suggesting Exercise Improvements | Exercism's Docs for context.

I don’t understand what you’re speaking about. As I see it, this is the test file:

And the problem file exports the same function.

Could you clarify?

Sorry for the previous info. I misunderstood the concept. You are right there is no error in import.
But why does it have a parse property?
Screenshot (303)_LI

It seems you are using an outdated (since nov. '21) tests file. Re-download the exercise and you should be fine.

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I’m not using the outdated version of test file. This is from the website’s editior.

This is what I saw when I started the exercise for the first time just now.

These are the current tests; your editor displays the old ones.

Did you not start this exercise sometime before november 2021, then drop it immediately, and look at it again only now?

There should be a banner like this on the exercise overview at Nucleotide Count in JavaScript on Exercism.

This is what it looks like when you have not updated this exercise: