Regular Games Night - Poll Time!

We’ve been thinking through how to run a regular games night for the Exercism Community and based on the feedback from our trial run at the end of 2022 we thought we should run a quick poll to see which games would be the one we go for.

So, check out the following options for games and place your vote below! I’ve linked to each game so you can have a read of what’s on offer. If there are other games that might be good we can add those into the list.

Only one vote is allowed so choose wisely :wink:

Games for Games Night Poll!
  • Chess
  • Among Us
  • Freeciv
  • Rocket League Tournament
  • Team Fortress 2

0 voters

We’ll have the poll open for a week, after which we’ll arrange the first games night of 2023…most likely in early February.