Renaming "mentoring" to "code review"

I am all for trying something new and seeing what works or not.

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It’s only been a month, but I’m curious: have any effects of the renaming already made themselves known?

Yes, the last two months have been the highest since the start of 2022. Specifically April was a 50% increase on the previous monthly average.

Month Requests
202201 1805
202202 1770
202203 1789
202204 1611
202205 1501
202206 1713
202207 1706
202208 1470
202209 1306
202210 1286
202211 1246
202212 1274
202301 1625
202302 1824
202303 2265
202304 2447

Egh, the data might be confounded by #12in23. Is the trend robust against excluding the featured languages of each month?

The data might be confused by lots of things. But general usage hasn’t risen that significantly from Jan to April so as a percentage of solutions it’s relatively robust.

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I’d prefer “code review”. I have requested mentoring/review of an exercise, but haven’t received mentoring/review yet, so what do I know. :)

“Code review” is what we do in professional settings. This can range from “looks good to me” to suggestions (fx “consider a hash table rather than loop through 1000 keys”) to onboarding to, I suppose, mentoring.

Note this was already changed about a year ago.


I joined Exercism a few weeks ago and would first like to thank you for this great opportunity.

Apart from the first exercise, I have requested mentoring on all the others and have learned so much.

I would especially like to thank and highlight @siebenschlaefer as a mentor.

For me, the ability to request mentoring is the killer feature of Exercism.

I requested mentoring for my last exercise in c-lang and have yet to receive a response.

Since then, I have not solved any more exercises.

Please don’t misunderstand, everyone is doing this voluntarily and there is no right to mentoring.

But without mentoring, solving the tasks makes no sense for me.

Perhaps it is also because of the C language, which certainly has fewer mentors than Python / C++ / Java etc.