Request for a new track: Sed

What programming language should we add?

What is the official website for the language?

Is this a language that comes in many variants? If so, which variant should we support?
Many variants.
We’ll use GNU Sed for the track. Maybe with --posix for compatibility (open to discussion).

Does the language have an official logo?

Does the language have an unofficial logo?

Is there a testing framework available for the language?
We can use bats from the tracks like bash, awk, jq.

Is this language listed as ‘supported’ by Highlightjs?

If it is not supported by Highlightjs, what is the closest supported language it maps to?

Who will be leading the effort to launch the track?


I did a demo with two solutions for “Hello, World!” here:

@jimmytty Hey. Thanks! I’d like to get a bit of consensus from some senior maintainers.

@glennj @IsaacG @ErikSchierboom Thoughts?

I don’t see why not.

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What Glenn said. sed is Turing complete, though some solutions may be tricky.

how to add 1 to a number

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how to add 1 to a number


I notice the wikipedia page for sed points to Turing tarpit.

Although I personally only ever use sed for the s and d commands (awk for anything more complicated) , I’m happy to have a new track to fill out the “sysadmin toolset” corner of Exercism.

I have created a new repository with 17 existing exercises with solutions and tests. The tests are 99% exactly the same as the originals.

Maybe it can help with the decision.

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Awesome - Thanks!

Let’s wait for @ErikSchierboom to be around and he can make the final determination and create teh relevant repos/setup if he approves! :slight_smile:

And that led me to chess-sed/chess.sed at master · moldabekov/chess-sed · GitHub …!

There’s also sedtris - Tetris in sed!

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I think a sed track could be fun and interesting. If some exercises are excessively hard or just don’t fit, it’s fine not to include them in the track (a track does not have to implement all exercises). So if the sed track just focuses on string-based exercises, that’s fine (as we have a ton of them). The demo exercises at GitHub - jimmytty/sed-track-demos were really helpful BTW! Thanks @jimmytty

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I’ve just created the GitHub - exercism/sed: Exercism exercises in sed. and GitHub - exercism/sed-test-runner repos. @jimmytty you should have a github invite to join the sed team.

@glennj @IsaacG do any of you want to join the sed team?

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yes, I’ll join.

You’ve been added.

Yes please.

Great! You’ve been added.

Are there any guidelines for creating a track logo from scratch?

Sed don’t have an official or non-official logo and I opened an issue as suggested by @glennj but if it was an “easy” task maybe I could try out.

It’s something we do internally. But if you can provide guidance/ideas/examples, that would be useful.

Also, it’s probably worth making a new forum post for new things, otherwise they’ll get missed :slight_smile:

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