[Request for Comment] Track Proposal for Arturo, a Rebol-like language

Example implementation for hello-world

I’d be interested in building a language track for Arturo, a newer stack-based language inspired by REBOL (no reserved keywords, lots of datatypes, and of course homoiconicity) and written in Nim. There’s an unit testing framework package at GitHub - RickBarretto/unitt: Unitt is a basic unit-test tool for the Arturo Programming language.. Yanis (the creator) and Rick are the primary development team, so they can lend me technical expertise as needed but they won’t be maintaining the track.

There’s a draft highlightjs grammar PR at Add highlighting support for Arturo by drkameleon · Pull Request #3196 · highlightjs/highlight.js · GitHub that can be dusted off and updated for syntax highlighting purposes.

I also have a tokei PR from a few months back I can redo against our fork instead.

I haven’t seen a CodeMirror package for Arturo or REBOL for that matter so that’ll need to be taken care of separately.


That sounds like an awesome track! I might help out a bit too. Want me to create the repo?

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Sure. I’ll want to launch Haxe first. At the moment, only the nightly has the package manager support we need so if we hold off a bit, it’ll hit the main branch. The unitt package is fairly stable so I’d envision keeping that versus implementing our own like Red had to do.

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Sure. Let me know when you are ready.