Request to add two languages to Exercism

I would like to add the following languages to Exercism:

  • Seed7

Obviously, I’ll be building and maintaining both tracks. There are medium-sized communities for both languages whom I am in the process of enthusing.

The SNOBOL4 group was discussing the possibility already when I joined their group on

I wrote to Seed7’s inventor, @ThomasMertes , some months ago about the idea. I approached him again recently through reddit and he’s supportive.

How much support I get from each community during the process remains to be seen.

Building two tracks at the same time is bound to be demanding especially as the two languages are from very different paradigms. Lets see how long my sanity lasts.

Based on your track record (pun wasn’t intended, but what the hey, I’ll leave it be) you seem to like a challenge !

The very best of luck, and good wishes, on on your latest, twin-track journey.

Thank you. How’s your REXX one going?

I will be implementing eight more exercises over the coming days to reach my target of 71 Practice Exercises. I will then commence the CI stage.

I am confident of a track launch before June 1st, possibly sooner. I am, however, not in a hurry since I am hugely enjoying the unencumbered process, and the accompanying learning.

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Seventy one??! Oh wow.

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Initial driving factor for more than the minimum number of exercises was a concern about the unit test framework. I wanted to try out as many different test scenarios as possible. So far, the framework appears robust, and not as limited as I initially feared.

Then, at some point, pure enjoyment took over. Stopping at 71 is arbitrary. I would happily implement the entire exercise suite over the next few months. However, the objective is a working track within a reasonable timeframe, and that is where my prime focus remains.

Hmmm … I should maybe add some more 8th and cobol ones. The Euphoria community stepped up and provided me with a slab that pushed me over the 20 with some to spare. While there’s enjoyment there’s also pressure from other parts of my life.

One track, many exercises, many tracks, fewer exercises. All good. Hopefully many learners will derive benefit (and perhaps joy) from all that effort.

We each do what we can, and if lucky, what we want to do.


This is now ready for you here: Launch tracking · Issue #1 · exercism/snobol4 · GitHub

And this one is at Launch tracking · Issue #1 · exercism/seed7 · GitHub

Holler if I’ve missed a spot or you need any tweaks to settings or whatnot.

Have fun, and thank you for adding interesting and challenging languages!