Request to add Zig to the language tracks

Please add Zig language, since it is going to be one of the most prominent systems language.

Also it has been used predominantly in the implementation of Bun, a js runtime which is reported to by 3x times faster than the traditional node.js runtime.

There is a zig repo: exercism/zig: Exercism exercises in Zig. ( I don’t know the state of the track but most tracks on exercsim is maintained by contributors so it means to get a language to the platform there have to be individuals who put in the time. I don’t know if the zip maintainers are looking for help, but if you got the time it is always worth asking if they need any.

Is it possible to create a fork of the website and try to add the track there?

The website grabs all the language repositories set as “active”. If you would want to add zig to exercism. I recommend trying to help on the exercism/zig: Exercism exercises in Zig. ( repo. Since when that is up to standrad will likely that track be published. And forking the website is probably possible but seems like a lot of work.

Thanks a lot

It just need someone to fix this and then it’ll be able to go live I think: Test runner fails hello world · Issue #21 · exercism/zig-test-runner · GitHub

I see… will try to work on it…

Looks like the issue has been fixed. Excited to see the Zig track going live on exercism! :star_struck:


Great news! :slight_smile:


It’s alive!


Wahoo! Lovely.


Need to add some exercises to zig. Permission to add some on my behalf?

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Feel free to PR any new exercises @suraj-mandal

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Do we need a Programming Zig category for the forums?

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We do. I added it yesterday.