Requesting V Test Runner Repo

Hello! I’m looking to create a test runner for the V track. The docs say to open an issue in exercism/exercism but since that’s currently closed and not accepting new issues/PRs, I figured I’d ask for some help here. Thanks!

@ErikSchierboom are you able to help with this? or should I ping someone else?

@Neniu I can point you to the correct person, which @ihid in this case. I’ll let him know of your request.

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Thank you very much!

Hello. That repo is now at GitHub - exercism/vlang-test-runner based on the standard template.

I’ve also added branch protections to the main vlang repo as we’re now closing in on launch!

I’ve specifically set confliget to pass before PRs can be merged and required PRs. I’ve not yet required PR approvals as I’m not sure if there are multiple contributors or one. Let @ErikSchierboom know any changes that are needed :slight_smile:

Excited to get this launched!!

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Perfect, thanks a ton!

yeah at this point, I’m the only contributor, but I believe I have at least one person who’s willing to help me out a bit!

I believe all that remains before we launch the track is to get the official track icon created!

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@taiyab Fancy creating an icon for V pls?

It looks something like this:

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