Reset track does not remove exercises from my profile

Last March, I reset my C++ track. I realized afterwards that my previously-submitted solutions are still listed on my profile (see screenshot). When I click on one, I am redirected to a solution by the ExercismGhost. (Strangely, in the track filter dropdown, it says I only have one submitted solution.)

PR opened: Reset removes user solutions from search index by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #5699 · exercism/website · GitHub

@clechasseur Could you check if this has been fixed now?

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@ErikSchierboom It is indeed fixed now. Thanks!

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@ErikSchierboom This should get you a list of all the IDs of things that we probably want to resync:

Solution.connection.select_all('SELECT id FROM solutions where unique_key <> CONCAT(user_id, ":", exercise_id)')

Or you could just remove all solutions where user_id: 720036 from the index. (User::GHOST_USER_ID is the constant for that as a final FYI)

This is probably easier. I’ll try that.

I’ve just ran:

Exercism.opensearch_client.delete_by_query(index: Solution::OPENSEARCH_INDEX, body: {
  query: {
    match: {
      '': User::GHOST_USER_ID

408 solutions were deleted:

 "retries"=>{"bulk"=>0, "search"=>0},

Great work :slight_smile: