[Resolved] Mentoring down?


I get a notification and it says I have the student in my inbox. When I open up the mentoring and look at the bottom of the conversation I don’t see a new message or new solution and this is the 2nd time this has occurred in a short period.

Another case appeared where I can’t see anything.

That is interesting, for sure. I would not expect an update on iteration #1.

But this does happen occasionally where a notification comes up and there is nothing to see (perhaps a mentor request came in, and the student withdrew the mentoring request) but this does not seem like that.

Check the issues to see if there are current open issues regarding this. Not sure what the “search words” would be though.

I have found something related, exercism/exercism#5633 perhaps it is helpful.

Have you got a message recently? I would otherwise like to test by opening up a private mentoring request to see if this is just me.

@iHiD @ErikSchierboom

I’m seeing this, two. My last two notifications were about new iterations on solutions, but they referenced previously-submitted iterations.

Lol. You are my mentor on an exercise. Btw I gave a reply but I suppose you can’t see it.

Yeah. On this discussion, the last response I see is mine.

Same here.

Two days ago I got a message about a new iteration #1 but I didn’t see anything past my recent comment (and still don’t see anything) so I discarded it as a glitch and removed the message from my inbox.
Just now I got another notification about a new iteration #1 in a different discussion with a different student. Again, nothing past my recent comment.

It looks ilke this is a new issue. If one has not yet been opened, care to open one at exercism/issues/new?

The forum is the correct place to open issues now.

The last comment on this is yours starting with " Prior items"

@Meatball What was the response that you gave? The last one in the db starts “For the first 5 points”. Do you not see Issac’s response to that?

Any specific correct place? I see Bugs & Feature Requests, but not yet an Issue category.

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@siebenschlaefer Got a link pls?

Here or “Bugs & Feature Requests” is fine :)

I got a notification on that discussion well after I posted that comment.

Ah. OK. Thanks. So there was a big delay in notifications today (we hit rate limiting on sending emails) and probably Friday as well. So by the time you got the notification, it was quite possibly about the response to your first message.

So I think this is just an eventual consistency issue caused by the backlogs of queues, rather than anything fundamentally wrong (albeit understandably annoying for you and something we should guard against)

Do we have a “Health” page or something where issues like this can bubble up, rather than finding out later?

Rate limits being hit, or a way to find out that delays are happening?

(Don’t answer that here, I will create a Feature Request in Bugs and Features.)

Ah. That makes sense. Would it make sense to decouple notifications and emails? Getting notifications about discussions after I’ve responded is confusing.

Note, I’ve also seen notifications about students submitting iteration #1 which seems … odd.

Yeah, the generally are. The issue is that the emails were sent on the notifications queue and then blocked it once we hit rate limiting (where rate limiting in this situation is 100k emails each being “held” for ~2secs before the rate limit response is returned). Which is terrible on my behalf of not using a better queue for this admittedly :slight_smile:

No we don’t. You can see bugsnags for this (e.g. Net::SMTPFatalError in ActionMailer::MailDeliveryJob@default · Issue #3149 · exercism/website · GitHub for this error) but they’re not overly human-friendly and way too regularly to build a status page around.

In case it still matters:

#1: discussions/981fecc1739f4efa8bcd9dd66aac58e1
2022-11-04T15:40:44Z request for mentoring
2022-11-04T16:06:59Z my comment
2022-11-04T16:10:15Z “Your student, redacted, has submitted a new iteration (#1) on their solution to Space Age in Python”

#2: discussions/82f6467a4476447ea7dadb119dc23f0a
2022-11-06T19:26:04Z request for mentoring
2022-11-06T20:01:36Z my comment
2022-11-06T22:24:14Z “Your student, redacted, has submitted a new iteration (#1) on their solution to Difference of Squares in Python”

In both cases I could see no new iteration or comment.
What feels especially odd is the number of the iteration (“#1”).