[RESOLVED] Profile pics for Volunteers are busted

Howdy y’all, noticed another little visual bug. In the Volunteers section, the profile pics don’t show up correctly:


if y’all want someone to PR a fix, I can do so- pretty sure it’s just one missing tw class.

(Alternatively, if you’d like me to stop pestering y’all about small errors like this, let me know and I’ll get out of your way! :bowing_man:)

Hey! No, thanks for reporting. Which page is this pls? (cc @dem4ron)

Whoops, can’t believe I forgot to include the URL! My bad :person_facepalming:

It’s in /tracks/$LANG/build (app/views/tracks/build/show.html.haml).

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Has it been resolved for you? I see

volunteers listing on the build page of clojure

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Yup, looks like this got fixed! :partying_face:
Thanks y’all!

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Awesome everything is fixed. Closing this topic as the solution is reached!