Running tests fails

I’m trying to start the Javascript journey using the online editor, and it lets me click the test button but doesn’t do anything after that. I’m stuck. What can I do?

Could you share a screenshot of what you see please?

I’m confused how I should get out of this; I provided a code to check but nothing is loading.

Could you provide a screenshot of your whole browser window please, not just this bit of it.

Did you click the “Tests” tab on the right pane or the “Run Tests” button at the bottom of the left pane?

When I click Run Tests, it doesn’t do anything but also doesn’t let me edit the code anymore.

Thanks. Thousands of people pass the tests daily so this is a rare and strange issue to see!

My first thought is whether you have any browser extensions running that might be interfering? Maybe try disabling all your extensions as a starting point?

If not, could you take a screenshot of the Javascript output pls. You can get there via either Command+Option+J or Control+Shift+J (Mac vs Windows). Then refresh the page, click run tests and see if anything appears there. That should hopefully give us information on what is happening.


Thanks for your help.
I solved this by changing the browser; works perfectly fine on Brave, so Chrome has something weird going on.

OK great. Thanks for letting us know.