Rust execution timeout on Palindrome products exercise

Hello guys,

I’m facing execution timeouts on this exercise. Even running solutions from the community.
Could it be an issue with the Exercism platform?

Thank you in advance

Hey @0xMelkor - thanks for the heads up!

(cc’ing @ErikSchierboom @iHiD who can shed more light on the issue)

While it may be an issue with the Exercism platform, this is an exercise where it is important to pay attention to efficiency of time.

It may be that the exercise should be submitted and requested for mentoring. The barrier may be that the tests are timing out, which means that you would need to submit the exercise via the command line tool exercism submit palindrome_products.rst for example, which will allow a mentor to be requested.

But, aside from that, without seeing your code, it may be hard to guess if it is the solution or the platform.

There is a known issue where the Rust test runner does not correctly handle timeouts.
Someone started doing a PR but it never finished: Correctly handle test timeouts (#54) by ZloeSabo · Pull Request #55 · exercism/rust-test-runner · GitHub
If you’d like to give it a go, that would be lovely.

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Hello Erik,
I’ll give it an eye.