Rust for Mindshifting May as a secret language

Rust was in the list, but did not seem to be actually included when May started. So I left a question on youtube, and got this reply:

We decided not to feature it again. But we can change the code so you still get awarded the badge, as I imagine a few people are in your situation. if you open a forum post ( we’ll get it sorted :slight_smile:

So here we are. :pray:

I’m quite happy to be forced to look around for other languages. To be honest, I see Rust overhyped everywhere. Good to have so many alternatives here.

Hope they do that for everyone. I was happy to do Zig for Mechanical March saving Rust for Mindshifting May. It’s important to change languages now and but my brainpower has a limit and for me Rust is the only viable language for may.

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@andy1li Thanks for following up here. I’ve added the code so you’ll get the badge for Rust :slight_smile: