Scala Version supported in Exercism

Considering Scala 3 seems to be very different from Scala 2, maybe it would be a good idea to note somewhere what version is currently supported. Looking at the test runner for Scala, it seems to be version 2.13. But making this clear in the about page for the language would help learners.

And could we have a Scala 3 version as well? I am willing to help

Tracks are volunteer ran. Exercism staff doesn’t build them so … is this an open request for volunteers? Are you interested in building and maintaining it? We already have a Scala track; is there enough value in maintaining two Scala tracks to justify building and maintaining it?

From what I recall, Lars was working on upgrading the existing Scala track last fall. I’m guessing that’s still in progress since the track docs aren’t updated on the site.

I’d rather we don’t have two different tracks. We also don’t have two Python tracks and according to the docs, the vast majority of Scala 2.13 code will be valid Scala 3.