Screenreader issue with completing exercise modal

A couple of people have email me about this (reproduced below). Aron has nearly finished working on it I’m putting this here as a tracking issue and in case anyone else has the issue.

Just want to inform you that the modal that appears when you click “Mark
as Complete” on an exercise, which then asks you if you would like to
allow your code to be published cannot be reached by a screen reader
(NVDA in my case). The result is that one cannot complete exercises :-).

unfortunately, I Call a sighted person when I need to mark an exercism
as complete because the dialog box is not accessible after clicking btn
mark as complete. Please either make it possible to complete through the CLI or make the online dialog box accessible.

Hi !

By this, I confirmed that the modal is now accessible with NVDA screenreader.

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Awesome. Thanks for confirming! Kudos to @dem4ron for the fix! :slight_smile: