Searching for exercism maintainer/maintainers to review concept exercises

The development of the learning mode for crystal has started and I would appricate if some maintainer could help with reviewing the concepts.

It is prefered if you have ruby/crystal experince but no requirment.

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I won’t be able to spare a ton of time, but I’d be happy to help.


Also that shouldnt be a huge problem, there is no hurry.

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You can ping me on any PR you need a review on. I have plenty of syllabus creation experience, and some Ruby coding experience :slightly_smiling_face: (5 years old, but better than none I guess :person_shrugging:)


That would be awesome.

Since the first pr to “review” is an exercise borrowed from the elixir track.
I pinged both you and Gleen and feel free to make any comments you like.

Here is a link: [Concept]: Add bools by meatball133 · Pull Request #344 · exercism/crystal (

If anybody else reading this thread wants to comment on the pr, are you free to do so also on github.


@Meatball Thanks for working on this, great stuff!

Did a basic review, mostly just looking at typos, formatting, and unclear sentences for a crystal noob like me. I’ll let someone else look at the crystal-specific things.

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Alright a small update:

I have marked the basic concept as being non draft.
Erik has already approved that concept, but if you like to make some final comments so is there a window. Link: [Concept]: Add basic by meatball133 · Pull Request #340 · exercism/crystal (

I have also uploaded another concept, I am not planning to merge in that for a long time, but uploaded it in any case. Thereby prioritize bools and if you see something in basic do that before this one. Link: [Concept]: Add Number by meatball133 · Pull Request #352 · exercism/crystal (

I will ping both of you (Angelika and Gleen) since your feedback for the old one was really helpfull. If you don’t like getting pinged just tell me.
Also Andre if you also would like to get pinged so can I do that aswell.

And as always if some one stubble on this thread feel free to comment on the pr.

Another update, new pr is uploaded, but as before prioritize the old once not the new once.

I want to thank everybody who has already spent their time reviewing prs, I am very grateful.

[Concept]: Add Number-types by meatball133 · Pull Request #360 · exercism/crystal (

My plan is to merge basic in the coming week unless somebody was planning to review that one?
If you need more time just let me know since there is no hurry.

My plan is to have a content stop of new concepts on around 17 April. After that will there be no new prs, this is to allow for time to review the current prs, this period from content stop to release should be a bit more than one month. Which I hope is plenty but could always be extended if needed.


Another update, my plan is to take a round and update some links around crystals doc so they always are able to be the latest version. Also, Gleen also made a suggestion that I think made a lot of sense so my plan is to likely apply it to the first 4 exercises. So I am going to take a round going over the existing prs.

And again I am very grateful to anybody who has helped reviewing so far.

I have a new pr for [Concepts]: Classes by meatball133 · Pull Request #372 · exercism/crystal (

This I think is the biggest concept this far, I decided to remove some pieces to keep it not going too large and move them to a later concept, the most major one is class variables.

For the next few concepts, my goal is to go back to the scheme of borrowing exercises. These are not set in stone but I will likely borrow these exercises from each track:

Strings: Party Robot (Go)
Conditionals: Meltdown Mitigation (Python)
While/Until: Interest is interesting (C#)
Ternary operator: Moviegoer (Ruby)

String methods have I not thought too much about but it could be so that one gets a custom one.

Another update, I have added the string concept with a slightly modified party robot exercise. Here is the pr: [Concepts]: Strings by meatball133 · Pull Request #378 · exercism/crystal (

I have looked around a bit and I think for the string methods concept will I go with a slightly modified version of the elixir version of high-school-sweetheart.

Don’t have to share much more than that, but it is around 1 month until the content stop occurs.

Another week another concept, this week is it [Concepts]: String methods by meatball133 · Pull Request #381 · exercism/crystal (

This concept uses the exercise high school sweetheart from elixir.

Unfortunately I got sick this week, which means delays. This concept isn’t that affected, but stuff planned for crystal this month unfortunately will need to be pushed to next month, and some duties I have will require a bigger focus of mine than I expected.

My plan was to start merging in the first concept this week, but because of the reason mentioned above so will happen hopefully on Tuesday instead :crossed_fingers:.

My plan is to borrow meltdown mitigation from python for the next concept. And a blog post is coming this week (super excited) which I hope can give some insight of what more is going on the crystal track.

Great work @Meatball - thanks for all the attention and focus :slight_smile:


Sorry for not giving an update in the last little while, I have been very busy with the representer, prep for 1.8 (and my personal life).

Anyway we are not far from the content stop, I will still be making at least one more concept before then, so since last, I have made 2 concepts: [Concepts]: Add conditionals by meatball133 · Pull Request #385 · exercism/crystal ( and [Concepts]: add ternary operator by meatball133 · Pull Request #388 · exercism/crystal ( which is a mini concept.

I have also merged 2 concepts and added them to the config.json so people who helped review basics and bools has received rep and contributor tag.

Number is the next concept that will be merged.

Other than that, if you (that is reading) got some spare time to help review any concept would I appreciate that greatly, there is no requirement to know Crystal to do so.