See analyser feedback while actioning it

At the moment, if there are analyser comments on a solution, it isn’t possible to see them whilst editing the code.

This means that I have to memorise the analyser comments, or copy and paste them somewhere, or open them in a new tab or something.

This isn’t the best experience, it would be good to be able to see the comments while editing the code, so I can go through the comments and fix them.

The same goes for the mentor comments.

I also notice that you only get the analyser comments after submitting the solution. I think I would prefer to see them after running the tests. Maybe only if all the tests pass, so I can first concentrate on passing the tests, and then afterwards refactor to take in to account the suggestions.

+1 this

I find it a bit counter-intuitive that I have to open another tab if I want to reference the mentoring discussion while solving the exercise in the online editor.