Selected text does not get highlighted background in online editor

When I select a block of text, the selection does not get any background color highlighting to indicate that it is selected. However, I know that the text is selected because the editor still highlights other instances of the selection in the file, in green. When I make a multi-line selection, the highlight color appears, except for the line where the selection ends. This is true for both light and dark mode in both Brave Browser (chromium-based) and Safari. I’m on an M1 Mac. Anyone else having this bug?

Here, I selected foo on the first line, and the highlighting does not appear, but other instances of foo are highlighted in a different color from the normal selection highlight color.

Here, the selection goes from the beginning of the first line to the end of the third line, but the highlighting does not appear correctly on the third line, even though it’s there for the previous 2 lines.

Also, I didn’t encounter this issue as recently as earlier this week (prior to 2024/05/08), so it seems like it might be a recent regression or something.

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Can reproduce in firefox

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Cc @dem4ron

Thanks, I’ve opened a PR that will fix this:

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