Show Hello, World intro video when joining a track

When joining a track for the first time, students now see a modal walking them through choices for working in the editor or offline. Throughout this, there’s a video on the right side explaining practice vs. learning mode. I’m proposing once a student chooses either the online editor or the CLI option, that video gets swapped out for the Hello, World! video. Once a student confirms their selection for the online editor, they’re immediately routed into the online editor for the exercise so they don’t see the Hello, World! video at any point before jumping into the exercise. When selecting the CLI option, they’re routed to the track page, but I don’t see a reason to only show the online editor folks the video.

Thanks for this.

Another option would be to show this inside the editor on the RHS. I suspect that that will be more likely to get views than a 3rd video in the same flow.

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Would it make sense to embed the weekly videos for 48in24 for their respective exercise? Or would that be too obtrusive? If so, I think just doing it for hello-world would be good enough.

I like that idea – but maybe we do it off the approaches pages for the exercise? I worry a bit that having the vids on the main exercise page implies that they’re how-to or directions videos, when they’re not.

We already do this on the exercise page (LHS) and on the Dig Deeper (RHS). We also show it at the end of the editor session.

I think it’s probably best to not show this before someone solves it though, like we do with the Hello World.