Show progress for track trophies

Hi team,

I enjoy track trophies, they are a fun way to motivate me. It would be great to see a progress bar below them or something similar. Especially for trophies like “read 50 community solutions”. I’m not sure that there’s a place where I may see, how many I have already viewed.

Thanks in advance.

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I would also love to see progress indicators for trophies, but I have a hunch that’d be too much trouble to implement (happy to be proven wrong), and there are really only two trophies that are hard to gauge how far along you are.

However, as far as Studious Student (reading 50 community solutions) is concerned, it’s very easy to game: you can just open 50 tabs; I believe you don’t even have to look at the tabs. That said, reading others’ solutions is a really good way to find new tricks and cool solutions. I’d really like to be able to automatically filter solutions by a list of people whose solutions I consistently like and look for.