Show topics of exercises when browsing exercises and on an exercise

Hi, I’m on the Rust track. I wanted to learn about lifetimes. I thought that this issue is not covered, as it doesn’t appear as a concept in the syllabus.

However, by chance I looked at the config.json file, and saw that exercises have a list of “topics”, one of which is lifetimes. So if I had seen the topics covered by each exercise, I could have chosen exercises which deal with this topic.

Right now, I don’t see any mention of those topics anywhere on the site.

Thanks for the good work, I’m enjoying exercism a lot!

Hi Noam,

Topics are a deprecated feature. They were used in Exercism v3, but have been replaced with the prerequisites and practices fields, which list concepts. The reason why you’re still seeing some track have topics in their config.json is to allow them to use them as inspiration when specifying an exercise’s prerequisites/practices fields.

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