Simple Filter in Practice Webpage

Hello, would be really practical and easy to use the JavaScript exercises on Exercism exercises if a filter of difficulty for example is available (specially for new devs in that prog lang), so the user can filter the easiest or hardest practices… theres like 50 options, would be cool to filter.

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Some tracks sort their exercises by displayed difficulty and then name. That way the easy exercises are at the top. The track maintainers would have to opt into setting it up like that, but would that work for you? Or do you want a filter like a toggle to show for example just the easy exercises? That should still be compatible with how a track sorts its exercises. In the example, we would hide medium and hard exercises but the visible exercises would still be in the order the track configured them.

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just a toggle to do some sort of filtering of difficulties would be nice, nothing complex. Just to I can focus first in the easy practices for example. In the image example you can see theres easy mixed with learning and etc.

Agree, was thinking about this today also, it would be really good to have filter by difficulty