Slimline September video is 'private'

Links to this video are now visible on the homepage, but it’s blocked from playing. It’s not yet on YouTube, though to be fair September is only 18 minutes old (UTC).

Already September?!? You’re talking to us from the future!!

I think months are typically kicked off with an email and announce. It might be gated on that?

Already September, with a video. Plus I already got the Slimline September badge (with 6 other people before me), so it’s sort-of launched.

I think we may be looking at a file-permissions glitch on YouTube? Easily done, and something that @ErikSchierboom might need to edit.

No, the launch was just a bit later than you expected :) It should be up now!

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The respective info site has to be changed as well: The #12in23 Challenge

The first deployment failed, but this should work:

And the deploy is live: The #12in23 Challenge