Small spelling and grammar fixes in Service Invocation exercise on Ballerina track

Issue gets automatically closed, can someone open this? Or how should I address such improvements?

Already submitted a PR.

Thanks for opening a PR!

Generally, you should first open a new topic in the forum discussing what you want to change and why. Then, if a maintainer agrees with you, you open a PR, which will still be automatically closed, but a maintainer will open it again for you. It helps if you link the forum thread in the PR.

In other cases, the PR might still be re-opened (like it has for you) but there’re no guarantees. GH Issues is out of use right for the public right now - read more on the Freeing our maintaners post.

Thanks for the reply!

I will open a new topic from now on. I’m not able to open a topic specifically for Ballerina though? Maybe I missed the option to apply tags or something.

Correct. The Exercism category doesn’t have per-language labels.