file for articles?

When I recently PR’d some approaches docs with performance data, configlet lint complained about the lack of .articles/performance/ Apparently this now needs to exist and can’t be empty. This is entirely separate from the snippet.txt file for each approach, containing bits of code.

Is this something new? I’ve not come across it before, and the isn’t mentioned in the docs (as far as I can see).

No this isn’t new, all articles must have a file. There is documentation, but it might be where you didn’t expect it: Practice Exercises | Exercism's Docs I’ll update the docs to link to that.

I’ve PR’ed a docs change: Add more articles/approaches file docs by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #494 · exercism/docs · GitHub

Thanks for that. It seems to be a confusion (partly mine, partly not) about whether this is optional or required.

  • .articles/<article-slug>/ snippet showcasing the article (optional)

The Practice Exercises doc says optional, it’s now required and configlet enforces this requirement.

No worries, I’ll add them in future.

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