Solutions Mentored vs Automation Hover Over Discrepancy

Hi @ErikSchierboom

It isn’t a big deal, but I thought I would share an inconsistency I am seeing.

For some reason, the automation tab hover over is showing that I have mentored 81 solutions.

Requires 100 finished mentoring sessions on a track and an overall satisfaction rating of 95% (currently 100%)


While on the same page, it shows I have mentored 93 solutions.

93 solutions mentored

100% satisfaction

I have only ever mentored in one track.

@W8CYE Thanks.

@ErikSchierboom we should standardise. I imagine the 81 is “correct” in terms of mentoring sessions that are “completed” by students.

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@iHiD - Are you suggesting the discrepancy is between the solutions ended by the student and the instances ended by me because there have been no activity for months?

I think that is possibly an explanation, but it seems my number is decreasing. I don’t have hard data to prove that, but I seem to be getting further from the threshold.

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The number in that progress box is the number of mentor discussions where the student has ended the session. I know that as we did it recently, but I don’t have memory of exactly what the other number is. I guess it’s the number of sessions ended by the mentor (including those not also yet ended by the student).

You shouldn’t be getting further away. I can’t promise you’re not, but I can’t see why that would be the case :slight_smile:

@ihid Let’s assume that I am not getting further away and I will let you know if I find that I am.

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Right now i have 49 ended sessions, but only 47 is shown in the automation tab. I recall me being the first to end the session once maybe twice. I’m pretty sure though that the student also ended the session after me. So could it be that those sessions which are first ended by the mentor are never counted in the automation tab? It could be a bug.

@tasx I believe that is the case. I got my super-mentor badge and automation access after my 101st session was ended first by a student.

Yeah, so all sessions since my previous reply have been ended by the mentees. Right now i’m at 80 finished sessions, but only 69 are shown in automation. Some sessions are not counted for some reason. Definitely a bug.

I’m wondering if it’s related to this

Could it be that you’ve finished 80 sessions, but your students have only reviewed you on 69, which means only 69 count towards automation?

I have no idea if reviews have anything to do with automation, most likely they don’t. Right now i’m at 124 finished (few of them by me), 63 reviews, 79 automation. Based on my current understanding, automation shows the progress on a single track, right?. So it would be preferable if we could see the automation progress per track, or at least know which language is tracked.