[solved] Dark mode not working

Now with the Insiders (I like this initiative!) being active, I try to enable dark mode, so I don’t have to use Dark Reader anymore. But when clicking on Dark or System in the preferences, the page blinks dark and goes back to light.
If it’s of any help; using developer tools in Firefox 112.0.2 I get an error: PATCH exercism.org user_preferences fetch NS_BINDING_ABORTED

I have the same issue. Workaround: select Dark theme and just before it reverts choose Change Preferences. It is a still a bit random but you can toggle it ! Whew !


Good find, but sadly it goes so fast I cant get it to save properly.

I got the same problems as @jonakeys with Firefox (112.0.1 on Ubuntu 22.10) but everything worked fine with Chrome (111.0.5563.110 on Ubuntu 22.10).

Interesting. One for @dem4ron to look at on Monday! Strange that Firefox misbehaves!

Maybe it is because of some default behavior of the form element in Firefox. When I rename <form data-turbo="false"></form> to <div data-turbo="false"></div> everything works well. Maybe it can help @dem4ron.

Three other weird ones:

This workaround worked for me, thanks :+1:

Firefox 112.0.2 (64-bit) on Windows.

About the “Exercise solution header issue” I did open 💄 Fix community solution summary background in dark mode by homersimpsons · Pull Request #5371 · exercism/website · GitHub 3 days ago.

Thank you very much for noticing this, it is fixed now. :)

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Thanks for solving this, @dem4ron ! Dark mode now can be properly selected and it works. It’s looking great, even better than I had with Dark Reader on.