Speel Checking Plugins?

I don’t know if I’m in the right category here.

I have the LanguageTool (1) plugin activated in my Firefox, but when I’m mentoring sessions, it’s not active when writing comments, there is some kind of build in spell checking in the textarea, but mine is disabled.

For one that makes quite some spelling mistakes, it’s quite helpful to have a tool like this. Is this deactivated on purpose?

PS: It works in the forum. Which is of course a different software.

  1. https://languagetool.org/

Nope. If you can work out why it’s not working and what we need to do to fix it, I’ll look into it!

Thanks. Will see what I can figure out. If I find the reason, I perhaps can also provide the fix. Win-win :)

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I cannot find the form in the GitHub - exercism/website: The codebase for Exercism's website. repository. But with my small POC, it looks like the spellcheck="false" property on the textarea is stopping it.

I could be a side effect of the spell checker loaded here website/app/controllers/application_controller.rb at 8cf90edf0b7d707519e4cc8fc3ffa7e5d3cae230 · exercism/website · GitHub , but not sure.


        <textarea spellcheck="true">This exampull will be checkd fur spellung when you try to edit it.</textarea>
	    <textarea spellcheck="false">This exampull will nut be checkd fur spellung when you try to edit it.</textarea>

The first textarea has spellchecking with my plugin, the second hasn’t.

Snippet of textarea from exercism website. (Stripped out styling for readability)

<textarea style="..."  spellcheck="false" ></textarea>

I think it’s most likely a side effect of the JS spell checker, to avoid multiple “input” on correct spelling. This is the spellchecker used: codemirror-spell-checker CDN by jsDelivr - A CDN for npm and GitHub

Will see if I can find some setting for it.