"Squeaky Clean" comes too early in the track

The exemplar for the Squeaky Clean exercise uses loops and conditionals, but the exercise isn’t dependant on either of this. I think it needs to be moved lower down the track.

Original Email that alerted me to below:

Hi everyone at Exercise, im Jennifer ! Im really appreciative of the work you’ve done with this website and how its teaching us all different languages that in todays world will give us skills, more knowledge and in my case hopefully a better future in my personal life.

But I do have a comment that I just thought I needed to express, if it’s useful. I think the road to learn Java is not clear or linear (maybe it can’t be and im just too noob to tell) but for example im dealing with Char part and trying to solve the exercise and since there’s another block for learning conditionals I thought I didn’t needed that (and I haven’t seen it in my road to learn Java at exercism) so was not using it to solve Squeaky Clean, but oh surprise I do need it. And I think it messes up with my head that I haven’t learned that or approve the block for conditionals and in char type I have to use it. I feel that if it was more clear that I needed to go over the other one first I wouldn’t be frustrated with this squeaky clean exercise. Maybe in the future, there could be an easy roadmap to follow exercism at a pace where a beginner in Java can actually complete an exercise with full confidence that only the subject of the exercise (and previous ones) will be needed in order to complete the exercise. I understand I need to further investigate some topics, like in Strings that I needed to click on Hints and click through the links in order to learn more about the subject, but in this scenario there wasn’t any indication that I needed that. Could be me just being dumb for java, but I am trying.

I appreciate whenever you can read this, thank you

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