Squeaky Clean (Task 5) - Mistake in Asserting Greek characters

Edit : Ignore, I misread the exercice and thought it was a bug. The bug is me.

I came across a weird issue while trying to accomplish the Task #5. Doing a Regex on the word would remove every Greek letter correctly. But, it was also removing the letter Ο resulting in MyFinder (when the test assert that the result is MyOFinder). While investigating why this was happening, I realized that the letter O a different letter than the one your keyboard will type.

To better explain the problem, I reproduced it using regex101.

The first line was a copy paste from the exercice. The second line, was me deleting the letter O and typing the letter on my keyboard.

I would like to create a Pull Request that modify the assert, to validate the answer is MyFinder.

You may want to read these:

I’m confused what the bug is here.

The task (I think you mean task 5, not 4?) is to remove lowercase greek letters. But Ο is an uppercase greek letter so it’s not removed.

Am I missing something? Thanks.

Nah, I misread the exercice.

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