Standard packages in a track


I just wanted to write a task in the R track (using the stringr package as I am using a lot of tidyverse). However, I noted that the tests failed because the package was not available in the test suite of exercism.

Is there somewhere an overview of packages I am allowed to use in the tests (not only for R, also for the other programming languages)? Or is it the general practise to only use packages that are available in the base environment of each programming language?

Thank you.

I looked in the track repo and could not find any package list, so I’m guessing it is only possible to use base-r right now.

This varies for each language track, because language infrastructures vary in general.

There are language tracks that additionally allow specific sets of packages. Specific, because the test environment is isolated from the internet for security.


Thank you very much. :-)

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Update: The R test runner was updated on Oct 3 and now supports packages from the tidyverse.

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