Strange look of track docs page

When I visit the C track’s documentation page, I end up with a strange look that is partially cropped. I checked other tracks’ doc pages and they all look like this.

OS: Windows 10
Browser: Microsoft Edge 114.0.1823.58

(As a side note, is it normal I have to click on the little button in the top-left corner to open the list of sub-pages on the track docs? I must admit it took me some time to find it and was wondering why I was not seeing any links on the page.)

It looks like this is due to the responsive layout. I see this as well on Chrome when I resize the window

What is the screen size?

@dem4ron Looks like the padding is missing at this responsive point.

Screen size: 1366 x 768

Thank you for reporting this, it will be fixed by this PR: